Sonntagslinks, Vol. 47

The Differences Between Feedback From Paying Customers vs. Free Users (
«When processing feedback, you need to take into account not only what you’re hearing, but also who you’re hearing it from.»
Ich mag vor allem diese Grafik.
– via @dcancel

If you don’t finish then you’re just busy, not productive (
«If you’re always starting interesting projects and not finishing, then no matter how hard you work, you’re just busy, not productive.»
– via @juokaz

Why not to convert a DateTime to timestamp or UTC (
«When you made your appointment, no one knew, that the Turkish gouvernment would decide to stay on DST even in winter. They never switched back from DSTA. […] At least 10 changes to timezone entries alone in 2016»
– via @heiglandreas

Hype Driven Development (
«Have you seen it? A team picking newest, hottest technology to apply in the project. Someone reads a blog post, it’s trending on Twitter and we just came back from a conference where there was a great talk about it. Soon after, the team starts using this new shiny technology […]. They slow down, get demotivated, have problems delivering next working version to production. »
– via @philandstuff

In eigener Sache

Aufgrund langer Pause der Sonntagslinks schon älter, trotzdem genauso noch relevant:
«Wir habens verbockt» – oder unser Versprechen im Umgang mit Fehlern (
«Fehler passieren überall, auch bei uns. Darum ist es uns wichtig ist, wie wir mit diesen umgehen. Hier ist unser Versprechen an dich.»